Evening with a GM


Part1: Attacking & Tactical Possibilities

After the traditional long Christmas break here in Mauritius we are back – and back with a treat!
Last Wednesday I had the rare pleasure to spend an evening with a Russian Grand Master! Our generous friend was in Mauritius for a short break and showing his true love of chess, he sought some chess activity!
A couple of club colleagues and the president of our National Federation joined me for this rare treat. Petr was kind enough to play some blitz games with us (2 minutes to 5 I must add!) and to share a few of his favorite chess nuggets. I’ll be sharing moments from the evening over the coming week, so stay tuned!
Check out the position below. We arrived at this position after some pawn advances on the queen side for white and king side for black, as is typical in these blocked King’s Indian Positions.
Black to move. How can he keep the attack going?
Answer in a couple of days together with another golden nugget from the evening!

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