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Dear Chess Friend,

Roy PHILLIPS, Founder www.ultimatechesscourse.com



Hi, my name’s Roy and I’ve been playing Chess since I was 9 years old…


If you really want to improve your game, but you’ve been stuck at the same rating for years, this could be the most important letter you’ll ever read…




Because I know exactly where you are – I’ve been there – and I know exactly how to unlock your Chess potential and boost your ELO – because I’ve done it myself… 


“The Only Constant is Change”

If you’ve been stuck at the same rating for years it’s because you’ve been doing the same thing for years. Sure, you may have bought some new books and you may at times have studied a little harder than others, but fundamentally you’ve been studying in the same way, so it’s only normal that your results have stayed the same.


“Less Is More”

The problem with most methods of study is that we try to put more and more information into our head, but for most of us, we simply can’t take it.   Some of the stuff we’ve tried to put in isn’t really embedded so when we try to put more new stuff on top, the older stuff gets kicked out.   The net effect is little or no increase in knowledge.   This is why it is necessary to study less information in order to improve.   We can more usefully spend the energy perfecting our technique.


“The M.A.G.I.C Formula”

The first thing I’ll outline in the course is The M.A.G.I.C Formula.   As you’ve probably figured out, each of the letters in magic stands for a key factor which we must consider before we have a chance of understanding a position.   We need to start a new way of studying right now, so that we can practice applying the formula and fine tuning our technique until it becomes second nature.


“Learn How To Plan”

We’ll go through each of the elements of The M.A.G.I.C Formula in detail so that you fully understand how to identify what plans are available in a position and which one to select.   It’s not really that difficult, it’s just that nobody has properly explained it to you before…


”From 1500 to 2150 in 2 years – Not bad!”

I was a below average club player when I met Roy. I did not have an official rating, but I would normally compete with players having a 1500-1600 rating. After only a few months of training, I could compete with much stronger opponents, rated 1700-1800.   I also started finishing much higher in tournaments!   After 2 years with Roy, I was able to draw with strong tournament players with ELO ratings as high as 2150.   From 1500 to 2150 in 2 years – Not bad!

Christopher L, Boston USA

By the way, here again is the game I refer to in the introductory video …



And here’s a game, by the 2005 European Champion, which I’d studied when preparing this opening …



Notice the strategic similarities … ?


“With Roy as my trainer, my game improved dramatically.”


Though I was a novice when I met Roy, he saw my strong points and was happy to coach me.   With Roy as my trainer, my game improved dramatically. I won the Mauritius Inter College Chess Competition at each age group.   The more he taught about chess the more I felt that he was on another level.   I recommend him to anyone who is interested in playing chess at national or even international level.

Clive K, Mauritius (Indian Ocean)


“Take Your Analytical Skills To The Next Level”

Now that we know how to choose the best plan, we need to decide how to implement it.   The “C” in M.A.G.I.C expands out into C.A.P giving us an analytical framework for choosing which possibilities fit in with our chosen plan and how to analyse them.   You see how important it is to understand planning first?   Studying how to analyse is one thing, but if you don’t know what to analyse you’re not being effective.   “There is no greater waste of time than doing something well that needn’t be done in the first place.”  ~Dave Anderson. Efficiency is important, but we must first be effective.


“Virtually Eliminate Blunders”

When you’re following a plan and properly analysing the right options, you will play more quickly, more confidently, more accurately. You will avoid strategic pressure and time pressure from not knowing what to do and you will virtually eliminate blunders…




“Win More Games & Increase Your ELO!”

Deeper Understanding


Better technique




Winning More Games & Increasing Your ELO Rating !


“I must say that the results surpassed my expectations.”

When I first met Roy I was just starting to play chess at club level but I felt I needed some guidance to make further progress.   Some other friends in the chess club told me about the coaching they have had with Roy and how it dramatically improved their results, so I thought I’d have a trial session to form an opinion for myself. I must say that the results surpassed my expectations. After my first session I was so eager for the next one, and the next one, and the next one!   My chess progress was exponential: I quickly started to achieve well and earn prizes.

Olivier P, London ENGLAND



“This Is A Limited Time Offer”

We’ve just released the course and we need people using it & getting used to it so we can hear your feedback and figure out how we can make it better, add to it, and continue updating it.

Right now you can get the entire course, all 12 weeks, including SIXTY instructional videos and audios, all for just $97



Plus …


Your membership will be automatically upgraded to GOLD, giving you access to more sections of the members area, including additional annotated Master Games using The M.A.G.I.C formula

See How The Techniques You’ll Learn In The Course Can be Applied To Find The Best Moves In All Situations;

  • Classic Master Games
  • Recently Played Master Games
  • Rapid & Blitz Games
  • Chess Problems And Puzzles

Fine Tune Your Technique Even Quicker!

And that’s not all …


You will also get as a free gift an electronic copy of the timeless classic Chess Fundamentals by Chess Legend Capablanca.

Another World Champion, Botnvinnik, said that you can’t play chess without studying the games of Capablanca!

Now you can understand the fundamentals which made him a World Champion. First Principles: Endings, Middle-game and Openings; Further Principles in End-game Play; Planning a Win in Middle-game Play; General Theory; End-game Strategy; Further Openings and Middle-games; Illustrative Games. 221 pages. Yours FREE – no matter what!


“I Guarantee You’ll Love Chess Even More!”

Once you start on the course you’ll start seeing things differently straight away and although it will take a little time for you to perfect the new techniques, the new way of looking at things will have you reaching for the chess board every chance you get!    In fact, I’m so sure that you’re going to love this course that I’m guaranteeing it for 30 days.   That’s right.   If you’re not happy just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund you 100%.   There’s absolutely no risk for you at all.   You can even keep the free gift!

“What’s different about this course?”

There’s some very good chess books out there and I’ve read many of them, especially when preparing and fine tuning this course.   They are well structured and have great content.   But let me tell you something.   I have just as many good books still sitting on my shelf – virtually untouched.   Maybe you could say the same thing.   I know I have friends who could.   I even have one friend who has another internet course, but it’s still sitting on his ‘cyber shelf’!

So why do these wonderful resources stay untouched?

Good structure and great content are simply not enough for most of us.   It’s just the way the mind works.   To have a real impact there must also be an energetic and interactive delivery system.

Some people can retain information simply by reading.   Others retain stuff better through audio.   Still more do better through visual, such as video.   By far the highest retention rate is through interactive learning.

This is where The Ultimate CHESS Course comes into it’s own.   All learning methods are included, but more than anything, there is continual interaction.


“Technical Information”

You already have all you need to follow the course.   If you were able to watch the introductory video that’s pretty much it.   Well, I’m assuming that unlike my best friend, International Master Gavin Wall, you do actually have a chess set laying around the house somewhere!



As soon as your order is confirmed you will get instant access to the introductory module, including the free ebook Chess Fundamentals. The course will then start the following day and runs for 12 weeks. The first 5 days of each week we will email you to remind you that your next action module is ready. Generally, the first four modules of each week will be fairly short and will be followed by a simple, but important exercise. The fifth module of each week will be a bit longer and will be an audio. This is because your visual focus will be on your chess board! You will listen to AND TAKE PART IN the analysis of a complete game.

Not only will we train your technique, we will also help you to form the habit of studying a little, but often.   This is another proven method to enhance learning.

Your next action module will be added to your members area each week day whether you’ve watched the previous modules or not. All modules, up to and including your current action module, are available in your members area so that you can review them whenever you want.

Your membership is for life, so you can go back and review things as many times as you want!

“I would recommend Roy unreservedly.”


I was an ungraded social and online player when I met Roy. I was fascinated by his ideas, and as a teacher myself could see he had a flair for communicating them. After a few months of studying with him, I entered the minor section of the famous London Golders Green Rapidplay and won outright with 5.5/6.  Then I decided to join a London League club, and in just one year I went from ungraded to ECF 163 (Elo 1949). I would recommend him unreservedly.


Justin R, London (England)


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I Want To Win More Games & Increase My ELO”


Ultimate CHESS Course

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P.P.S. I read somewhere once that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results. Do something different today and watch your results explode!

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