Chess Tactics – How to become a Master!


The Secret Weapon of a World Champion …


Do you ever get that situation where you’ve played a great strategic game, but it all goes bad at the end because you got the tactics wrong?

Just fed up with blowing great positions due to faulty tactics or missed tactical opportunities?


If you want to learn how to become a master of chess tactics, check out this great video and audio lesson!

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  1. Jeroen Koster

    is this new ?

    • Chesster

      Hi Jeroen
      This is new!
      As a member, you can view the lesson in the GOLD section under supplementary lessons – Module 1.3 (no need to sign up here!)

      • Yolanda

        I love the Bird’s I love the Bird’s Opening. So many people are csnoufed by it, and even if they are prepared, white has some great lines. If you can get rid of the f-pawn, that semi-open file for the castled rook is devastating. And like GM Danielsen talks about, playing the Dutch Defense with reversed colors is great.

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